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Exstetra 3ds

Exstetra (エクステトラ, Ekusutetora) is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Studio Saizensen and published by FuRyu, developer of Unchained Blades and Last Bullet. It was released in Japan on November 7, for the Nintendo 3DS and. poolank.com: EXSTETRA (Japan Import): Video Games. Yokai Watch for Nintendo 3DS Japanese Version (Japan Import). Level out of 5 stars anyone have interest in translating a JAP game called "exstetra" http://gbatemp .net/threads/the-3ds-translation-request-topic/.

Exstetra 04 This is a good one! “Story”? Let's make this very clear: The “kiss-thing ” is not what make this a “kusoge” (shit-game)! Here your main. Exstetra. FuRyu. Rated. By Our Customers. Compatible with Nintendo 3DS™ ( 3DS). For JPN/Asian systems only. NTSC. d Usually ships within days. For Exstetra on the 3DS, GameFAQs has 4 user screenshots.

The difficulty is between Easy and Just Right, according to 10 GameFAQs users who gave us their opinion on how hard it was.