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Launch as root mac

Try the quick way. Enter sudo "\file path from hard drive to name". Enter the password for the administrator account you are currently logged into. If the command works, the application should open with root privileges. Launch a GUI application as root in Mac OS X. You can confirm the the application is running as root by using the ps command with grep, again. Enable or disable the root user. Choose Apple menu () > System Preferences, then click Users & Groups (or Accounts). Click, then enter an administrator name and password. Click Login Options. Click Join (or Edit). Click Open Directory Utility.

If you've used Mac OS X's command line at all, you may have You can run any app the same way, using sudo and the open command. To do that, click on Launchpad in your dock and search for and click on “Terminal.” It will launch on your machine. Type in the following command into the Terminal Window and press Enter. It is the command that helps you enable the root user account on your Mac. I fully accept the warnings other people have given here regarding running finder as root but in a limited scenario it is very useful. The OP had a problem using.

I was in the macosxhints chat channel, and someone asked about launching a OS X app as root without logging out, and without using Pseudo. Using Mac OS I can just drop into the shell and do: Just quit the finder from the menu, then launch the root finder using the CLI line. Or you can access root terminal by typing sudo -s sudo bash will basically switch you over to running a shell as root, although it's probably. About. LaunchAsRoot is an app's passport to running as superuser, i.e. with root privileges. It runs as an application and service for launching applications as.