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When you add additional interactive report regions, be sure to change the old single interactive report link syntax. Otherwise, the link generates an error. A link to. Hi All, I'm trying to link a column on my report which should open another report to display full information, I tried linking the column however. About Filtering on Conditional Links in Interactive Report Columns Use Column Attributes to create a link from a report to another page in your application or to.

Execute Dynamic Action From Report Column Link. Category APEX / Posted on 11 Apr by Jeff Eberhard. In my previous post I showed how a dynamic. I would include a dummy column in the report query which contains You can easily do this with the built-in APEX column link and a case. APEX Reports: One Link, Multiple Destinations. Every Interactive Report has an optional set of “Link” attributes that allow you to specify the.

The default method of downloading an Interactive Report is clicking on the Action button, then the Download button and then selecting the. I've been trying (for a while) to get some (what i though was simple) apex functionality to work - what i wanted was a classic report at the top of. I tend to advocate keeping such things out of the query itself and using APEX functionality such as link target and html expressions (in SQL.