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Frank Joseph Zamboni, Jr. (January 16, – July 27, ) was an American inventor and engineer, whose most famous invention is the modern ice  Biography - Frank J. Zamboni: Patents - In popular culture. If necessity is the mother of invention, Frank J. Zamboni might be considered its father. This tireless inventor/entrepreneur never came across an obstacle he. since Zamboni is the official ice resurfacer of the NHL. In , Frank Zamboni introduced the world's first ice resurfacing about a.

Go to almost any rink in America and you are sure to see the influence of Frank Zamboni. His ingenuity permeates the hockey world and has made "Zamboni" a. Zamboni, the ice-resurfacing machine invented by Frank Zamboni, has become associated with the NHL, professional ice skating and ice rinks. Frank Zamboni, the son of Italian immigrants, invented the first ice resurfacing machine in Paramount, California, in Zamboni initially wanted to name his .

Where is Frank Zamboni's name in the Hockey Hall of Fame? The hall of fame will welcome its newest inductees Monday, but notably absent. Although he never laced up the skates himself, Frank Zamboni's legacy lives at nearly every hockey rink in the country. Born in Eureka, Utah, in , Zamboni.