Ps3 games and play at same time download

Ps3 games and play at same time

just buy a second ps3, there problem solved yeah u can:o, just dont play online games and thats fine. talking about game patches and firmware updates , then no, you can't play games and download at the same time. 10 PS3 Games to Play Right Now. It's the end of a console generation, and that means it's the perfect time to pick up any of the current-gen. Playing two different games is perfectly fine. I've been playing I've done it before. BTW, can you do a PS3, PS4, and Vita at the same time? 0.

Solved: It's kind of strange that we can't stream music from spotify on PS3. because you can actually listen to Spotify and play some games at the same time . 14 PS3 Games You Should Buy Instead Of Spending $ On A PS4 (which takes games reviews from around the web and puts them all on the same but it can't hurt to know which games are worth playing ahead of time. My brother got a PS3 at Christmas so I've been trying to put my PSN games active on both PS3 and yet only one can be signed in at a time.

so are there any other games that you can play online 2 player with like can the PS3 have two bluetooth headsets at the same time? or what. The PS3 menu can rub its belly and pat its head at the same time while playing back music with just a push of the PlayStation home button.