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This page attempts to list all Nethack spoilers which are available on the Web and have any content which is relevant to the current version of vanilla Nethack. In the NetHack sense, a spoiler is a file documenting the behaviour of the game in great detail. Hundreds of different spoilers exist, from tables. Spoilers created by poolank.comk posters. The Hugo/O'Donnell spoilers for (updated August 31, ), separated into some rough categories: These spoilers are listed in rough categories (items and monsters; your character; intrinsics; and the dungeon), mostly by.

Yet Another NetHack Site's spoilers. Here are specific spoilers (see the main page for later versions and general spoilers). Spoilers created by. These are the official spoiler files for Nethack maintained by Dylan O'Donnell and copied here in accordance with the license. The homepage of the spoilers. are for NetHack (albeit not much has changed in x) Edition. This spoiler details techniques for identifying objects in the face of a shortage of.

NetHack Wishing Spoiler. Original Wishing Spoiler by Peter Snelling ( Extensions & changes for by Stanislav Traykov. nethack-spoilers: No summary available for nethack-spoilers in ubuntu zesty. This package has 0 new bugs and 0 open questions. i'm a chaotic lv5 monk in dl4, second level of the gnomish mines, and i got a message saying i feel a faint wave of psychic energy. i spoiled the. Spoiler files for the Nethack adventure game. This package includes spoilers for Nethack, the classic D&D-like adventure game, version Use only as a last.